I Want to Kiss and Tell


I want to kiss and tell
I want to write the dream
I am living
I want to choose the life I lead
I want to collect all of my clothing
I want to do right by my self, my
ancestors, my child, the stars,
I want to swim in fresh, beaver-filled waters
I want to exercise my freedom and delight
I want to be surprised
I want to be courageous
I want to tell the stories of my own
wildly turnings, I want to let the stories
of others fall from my mouth like
tumbling pebbles turned rubies turned
turned blood turned stars
I would kinda like it all
and is it wrong to think
it all kinda wants me

I feel it in my chest and in my throat,
behind my sternum, behind and under my eyes,
in my hair, in my ankles, in the bridges
of my feet. I feel it, hovering and pushing up
inside of me,
like a tree knows when to grow
and sometimes explodes the black plastic bag it’s sitting in at Lowe’s

with love.
with love
with love
with love


xo c.Savage 2022

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